May Partner Update

Partner Letter May 2016:

Wow, partners and family, what an incredible few months we have had. It’s so awesome to be able to share these reports with people on the journey with us! We love you and are so grateful for your participation and prayers!

Cherie and I are on God story overload! We haven’t had a time in life quite like this, where God has been breaking out around us. I wanted to share a perspective on words of wisdom—but first a story!

BETHEL CREATIVE CONFERENCE RISK TAKING IN THE PROPHETIC – I really was praying for God to move people forward, but I didn’t know how deeply and dearly he would talk to people. I called out a name of a girl I saw in the Spirit earlier in prayer. Her name was Ebony. I told Ebony she has a reformer gift on her life for civil rights, that she would divide Bone from Marrow. I didn’t know who she was, but she screamed because her last name is Marrow! Then I saw that God was going to use her to show that some systems of belief in the civil rights movement were like fossils. I asked her if she ever worked at fossil, and she had! I told her it was a prophetic parable. Then I saw her Mary’s heart, where Mary told God, “Let it be done unto me according to thy will.” I asked her if Mary or Marie meant something to her, and it was her middle name. God knows us so well! He knows how to cause awe in our hearts and connect our faith more deeply than anyone else! Lastly I saw the street she grew up on in Rhode Island; it was such a marking experience. I really prayed for her the last week because I feel like we could be looking at another woman who might have a huge impact in our generation, like a Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman.

God is using the prophetic to help assign HUGE faith to people for HUGE purposes. Many of us have already received personal words or revelation from God about what he wants to do in our lives, but he wants to bring another installment of practical and biblically sound spiritual wisdom on how to move forward with what he has already told us. These are called words of wisdom, which is like prophecy or revelation on what to do with our other prophecies and revelation. I know I have written about this before to you, but I want to remind you to use 2016 to cry out for revelation—then more revelation—on what to do with what he has told you!

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER HOLLYWOOD: I was a prayer leader and honored guest at one of the official National Day of Prayer gatherings. I loved everyone’s participation, and when it was my turn, I was able to give some of the spiritual leaders public words that helped our faith rest in the fact that God is with us. We know that by faith, but sometimes he shows up and shows off big so we can emotionally and intellectually catch up to our spirit. I ended up prophesying to some of the pastors there, and it felt like an experience that helped root us in the love of God for what we were praying for.


We are watching God use the revelatory gifts transform expectations, bring people to salvation, and even help people do a deep work of emotional or inner healing so quickly! Even at the Words of Knowledge Seminar that Mission Church in Vacaville hosted, at the end, my friend Sean Smith did an altar call for salvation. This was a Christian seminar to teach Christians how to hear from God, yet 15–20 people came forward to get saved! God is awakening the world to know how beautiful his love is, and you are part of the equation!


GROWING UP WITH GOD KIDS’ SEMINAR: This was such an amazing event! You will hear from Cherie in our video, but we are in full swing towards a crowdfunding campaign so that we can do full-color, beautifully printed materials! More info is coming on that in June’s update!


You will also hear our update about taking over the office space that Iris Ministries with Heidi Baker was in. We are also hiring a communications/social media employee so that we can have more interaction and connection to our sphere of influence that keeps growing. Lastly, we are occupying way more space, so your generous contributions have made all the difference in moving into 1,400 square feet of four offices plus an employee common area. We will take pictures as we set it up and let you see where it is and what it looks like. Thank you for your donations again! If any of you can give extra this month, it will help us in the startup of the office, purchasing all the equipment and furnishings/supplies necessary!


I pray Ephesians 1:17 over you, which is that your spiritual eyes open so you can see Jesus even more clearly! We pray now over all your prayer requests you have sent in again that Jesus would meet every need and help bring every breakthrough. These prayers work when we believe together, and we believe for you!


Shawn Bolz and the Bolz Ministries Team