The Path of Risk Taking

Cherie and I and our team are on a path of risk-taking. We labeled last year as The Journey to Personal Thriving. Many of you were on that journey with us. We went from being part of the senior leadership of a church to launching into a journey of helping people connect to God, themselves, and the world around them. 

I have done itinerant ministry for twenty-plus years now, and although I will probably never stop traveling and doing missions, Cherie and I have felt that we have to get in the right lane in life to maximize our impact from here on out. Our goal is to build our organization with our current audience and maximize God’s call on us. Step one involved consciously focusing on our prophetic ministry and helping to produce resources about hearing God’s voice for all ages, but we also know that we are supposed to help people live a truly spiritually connected life.

Cherie did her first conference last month, and one of her themes was about honoring our humanity because God gave it to us. He doesn’t want to destroy us; he wants to empower his dream in us. So many Christians are stuck in their path to the maturity they long for, and they think that if they have a breakthrough in their personal circumstances, it will launch them into the fuller life they are hoping for (and that does help). The reality, though, is we need the tools for personal transformation that enable us to live a full life now, before we live fuller, successful lives in the world around us.

Bolz Ministries is exploring how to bring the tool sets for personal transformation and maturity to the world. We have been dreaming with God, and we are getting a clearer and more focused vision. This will mean less travel and more media—because a picture is worth a thousand words, a TV appearance can be worth a thousand sermons. 

This month we are releasing our new book and workbook called God Secrets, and we are currently finishing up the eCourse for it. As our partners, most of you know about this. We are excited because these three items have taught us how to serve our audience with tools that are valuable for growth. The feedback is awesome! We love partnering with people’s spiritual development. And you are on this journey with us! Know that the resources you sow are creating a prophetic push for people to grow in their identity through their relationship with God.

My last book, Translating God, is about establishing a love-based approach to the prophetic, and it is already causing a ripple that has hit the whole movement of Christianity. I believe God Secrets will define the gift of words of knowledge in a really complete way, possibly for the first time. You are a part of this, and together we are changing people’s perceptions of Christianity through releasing a generation of Christians bold about ministering the prophetic through a spirit of love. Please pray with us to develop the identity of the Shawn and Cherie Show, and other media tools, in a way that will empower people to walk in love and in their full identity.

You are so meaningful, and you are helping to bring all this about. As we close this month’s letter to you, we are praying for your breakthrough, but even more, we are praying for your transformational process. We pray that you would see the dream of God over yourself; your love-filled relationships; your business, career, or ministry; and your nation!

Sending love. We love and appreciate you!

Shawn and Cherie Bolz

What’s Happening with Bolz Ministries…

GOD SECRETS | A Word of Knowledge Event with Shawn Bolz
Pasadena, CA | Ambassador Auditorium 

Shawn will be teaching and demonstrating how to hear God in a way that impacts people’s lives around you the way Jesus did!

This will be a day-long workshop with 5+ hours of focused teaching, equipping, and empowering to help you hear and give words of knowledge! Come be activated through demonstrations and group activities to help to take your understanding of this gift to the next level! *You will also be receiving the new GOD SECRET’S WORKBOOK, a word of knowledge manual with your ticket! 



Shawn’s new book and workbook are done! We should have the book and workbook in hand soon! There resources explore words of knowledge, one of the most unexplored, misunderstood spiritual gifts. Pray for us as we work on the God Secrets e-Course set to release later this year! This will compliment God Secretes Book and Workbook.