Bolz Ministries March Update

Bolz Ministries, March 2016
I was walking past a lady in the mall a few weeks ago and she was struggling with her two kids to get up the escalator with a stroller. Most people were passing her thinking she was stupid to be going that way when there was clearly a sign that showed no strollers allowed. As a new parent, I couldn’t help but have compassion. She was visibly struggling and now her stroller was stuck. I went over to help her and we pulled the stroller free, got the kids set up again, and she was about to go on her way. As she was about to go I received a spiritual impression. I asked, “Is your husband doing a job that has nothing to do with his college degree?” She looked at me in a funny but trusting way and said, “Yes.”

“Is his name Adam?” I asked.

“Do you know him?” She was curious.

“No, but I am a Christian and I am having a spiritual experience about your family and I saw a picture of your husband. When he turns 34 he will have a new opportunity that is within his family to do something with his college degree. It will give your family an entirely different opportunity in life. God wants to give your kids a bright future and finance their dreams.”

She got tears in her eyes. “How do you know this? I mean, I know you are saying God told you, but can he really give someone this much…. this is amazing!”

She then went on to tell me that her husband’s step dad was retiring next year and he was running the family company and about the falling out with her husband Adam. She mentioned that Adam’s brother is taking over the company and hiring Adam in his birthday month.  All of the plans had been set in motion secretly and Adam’s brother is going to give him his inheritance and ownership back in the family company. They now have plans move back to Texas where the family is from. They are in shock because it looked like this whole thing would never turn around. She never considered it was for the legacy of their children and vocalized to me “God is so good to do this for us, but especially for our children.”

I prayed for her and Adam and she sent me a sweet Facebook message the next day saying it had changed their lives and their view on their future. They felt placed by God’s tenderness in his plans for them….and drumroll…they both aren’t Christians and are going to start going to her parents Lutheran church and go to the new member’s program to really meet God! YEAH GOD!


I feel like we get so confused about God’s desire. He already is moving all the time, we just have to catch up to HIS desire. Jesus was promised a reward from the Father, and the Holy Spirit is constantly moving to secure that reward, all’s we have to do is believe we can be part of the equation that brings it! For anyone curious about revival I would encourage you to read When Heaven Invades Earth by Pastor Bill Johnson. I think it shares the culture of carrying the presence of God, not limiting ourselves to wait for an event or a date.

That being said, there are dates and events that move everything forward. There are appointed moments in time. There is even some Biblical prophecy that is yet unfulfilled. We live in a generation that saw one of the major biblical promises happen, when Israel became a nation! What a historic time period we live in!


I am involved in an event here in Los Angeles coming up called Azusa Now, or the Call Azusa. It is a push for prayer and release of revival for now. The founders of the event are believing we are in an appointed time.

From the founders: Azusa Now is built on the great hope that this revival of the past can happen again. In 1913, both William Seymour and Maria Woodworth-Etter separately proclaimed that in 100 years, the Holy Spirit would be poured out again, even stronger this time. History attests this pattern. Martin Luther’s Reformation was prophesied 100 years prior by the martyr Jan Huss. God loves to “proclaim that which is not as though it were” (Rom. 4:7). We are contending in faith for the 100-Year Promise.


Revival is not a church meeting, it is not an event, it is the transformation of humanity. It is us, becoming the best version of ourselves, the original intended version that God created us to be. It is us getting healthy, living with passion for our spouses, families, careers, and cities. Transformation of regions can be a byproduct of this great activity.

So many groups in the church settle for revival being spiritual activity that is church centric. It’s so sad because this spiritual activity of signs and wonders, prophecy, and salvations are supposed to drive us forward to the full goal of becoming like Jesus and changing the world. Church is automatically built as people all over our sphere of influence fall in love with Jesus.


God moves humanity forward by moving on the hearts of people who will be a reflection of His heart. This next wave of spiritual activity will be a move of His heart that will start to empower the justice of His heart in some of the most unjust issues that have plagued humanity. Like civil rights, God cares about racial issues way more than we do and He is the best civil rights leader. Or woman at risk. God wants to bring women back into His original plan of full empowerment because when women are empowered, we have a balanced humanity that will have a multiplied effect.  I always think of the scripture “1 can take 1000, but two can take 10,000” when it comes to men and women being empowered together.  There are many other issues also, but it would take a book to look into them. The theme that God’s love corrects injustice is going to be a main staple in this next move.


Become a move of God now. You don’t have to wait for what the world is waiting for, just listen to God’s heart and believe with everything in you in His love and manifest it! Having faith to do what He is showing us in all the little moment brings a huge breakthrough in the big moments and big things happen! Cherie and I are walking that out. We aren’t waiting to fully understand everything. We are just being true to our relationship with God and doing what we can with what we have. God is making it beautiful!

It is your turn! Revival starts with you!