March Partner Update Newsletter


Cherie and I pray for you. No really, we pray for you and think about you and are really grateful, in a real way, that you are on this journey with us. 

I was thrilled this month to be filming the eCourse in our new studio. I was ecstatic when we were able to hire a new employee, Tim Walker, to be a part of the team bringing our media level higher and creating more clips to release from our teachings and prophetic moments. I was so excited that we could have the faith to work on another book, workbook, and event about the prophetic so soon after our last one, launched just sixteen months ago. We are able to do these things because you chose to say, “I want to support and pray for them.” 

It matters. You matter. I know that we are probably not the first ministry you have supported. Many of you are tithers or members of a local church. Some of you are supporters of multiple ministries. You are contributors in many ways, not just financially, and you know what? God showed me that he is about to pay you back for your spiritual investment by bringing you breakthrough. There are so many of you, I don’t know what that will mean for you individually, but this is not just a fortune cookie prophetic word. A download of grace, provision, resource, and favor is coming to you, and you are going to recognize it. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20)!

I love being able to bring good news like that, especially when I have faith in it and in you!

Pray for us, because we have a lot of big-picture possibilities on the table. We have to sort through our priority list on what to focus on re media, events, products, ministry appointments, training, etc. It’s a lot right now because God is breathing favor on us in so many ways. Of course, because we have come into this place of some measure of favor from God, an all-out war has been breaking out. We aren’t worried about warfare, but pray for our team. Jeremy, Shelby, Alicia, Debbie, Tim, and Cherie and I could use it. I wanted you to see their names so that if God gave you a specific prayer burden, you could pray for them!

Thanks for all you do and who you are!

Shawn Bolz


GOD SECRETS | A Word of Knowledge Event with Shawn Bolz: Shawn will be teaching and demonstrating how to hear God in a way that impacts people’s lives around you the way Jesus did!

This will be a day-long workshop with 5+ hours of focused teaching, equipping, and empowering to help you hear and give words of knowledge! Come be activated through demonstrations and group activities to help to take your understanding of this gift to the next level! *You will also be receiving the new GOD SECRET’S WORKBOOK, a word of knowledge manual with your ticket! 


ReCLAIMD MAGAZINE: Shawn is being featured in an upcoming issue of ReClaimed Magazine! Make sure you look out for it! Find it HERE!

CHERIE: Cherie is on the road this weekend speaking at the Thrive Vineyard Church in Chicago! We are so excited for her! We can’t wait to share moments of her trip with you!

GOD SECRETS BOOK: Shawn’s new book on words of knowledge is almost done! We should have books in hand within the next 2 months! Our new book explores words of knowledge, one of the most unexplored, misunderstood spiritual gifts. Pray for us as we work on the God Secrets e-Course that goes alongside this exciting book, as well as the workbook! Pre-Order below.