June Partner Update Letter

I always know when there is a lot of grace on something I am aiming for because people get saved around me. I was on my way to record a show this month (I will tell you more about that later), and as I took an Uber, I was more tired than I had been in a year. My Uber driver was foreign but spoke great English. I asked him where he was from, and he said Ethiopia. I immediately had the heart of God grip me, and I could feel the thoughts of God: This man is honorable; he loves his wife well; he is a family man; he has only been modeled a broken family, but he has done his best to keep his intact and thriving; he is a hard worker. I was so touched by God’s heart for him, and then I heard: His wife’s name is Sapora.

I asked him, “Does the word Sapora mean anything to you?”

“How do you know that name?” he asked nervously but with a smile.

“God just showed me how much you love Sapora and how much he loves your love.” He got tears in his eyes, and I began to share with him how much God loves his marriage and his wife and his love for his kids. I shared that God saw their hard financial condition and that he was going to help. This man was undone. He had never met with Jesus before, and this was one of the nicest and most personal things that could have ever happened for him. I stepped out of the way and let God be love, and it was awesome. He had to pull over he was crying so hard at one point, and we prayed to invite Jesus into his heart. When I arrived at the study, I gave him a big tip and told him thank you. He looked like he was going to cry again, but he was beaming.

I was supercharged for my day, and most of my greatest God experiences in the past few years have been marked by someone meeting Jesus. I am the worst evangelist ever, so I know that when I make myself available and I connect with God’s love in a spiritual and prophetic way, it’s the only way I will reach outside of myself to talk to strangers in a spiritual way.


Big news this month! It has been a wild ride of walking out the adventure of a spiritual journey with Jesus! As I mentioned, I was headed to a TV show taping. I was asked by the producers of the late great John Paul Jackson to tape a few shows for them as they are keeping Dreams and Mysteries, his last show, moving forward. At first it just felt like a good opportunity, but I didn’t even know if I could make time for it. Then they sent me a link. The producer (Steve Maddox) had had a significant dream fulfilled after seven years when we met and felt a connection for me with the show. I didn’t feel the same connection yet…until he sent me an episode.

For some reason, I had never seen John Paul Jackson’s show. I am not sure why I thought I had, but when I watched the link, I was in a spiritual God moment. It was like what the secular world calls Deja vu. I had had between 7–12 reoccurring dreams throughout the years of being on this set and teaching from it. The set is a whimsical Indiana Jones-ish library with relics and a great steam punk feel. I texted the producer right away, and over the next few days, I realized this was a significant connection as my heart caught up to Steve’s.

We set the taping date, and when I arrived there (after leading the Uber driver to Jesus), we began taping. We got through two whole shows in the first day. Then Steve and his wife, Ginny, asked me to come back and tape more. We started to talk about working together and having me be one of the regular hosts. It felt surreal because although Cherie and I are doing a show next year, it is interview based. This show is a teaching-based show where I get to share the mysteries of revelation that God has shown me. It is in Daystar and already has an audience of millions. I just get to walk on and host what has already been labored over and developed. So in August (8–10 to be exact) we are going to be heading to Dallas to host episodes of this amazing show. I will probably have between six to eight shows wrapped for September airing. If you haven’t seen the show, check out John Paul Jackson (put a good link here) and see what the show is about.


We got home from this trip to Dallas, and I went to tape a show and mentoring session with another inspirational TV show and network: Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural. Sid has been a pioneer in Christian TV for the past decade, and this was going to be my second appearance on the show. The last appearance created tons of synergy and connection to an audience I hadn’t been exposed to before.

When I got there, I came a day earlier than the other guests because Sid and I had worked out a three-CD set to record called “Everyone Can Hear God’s Voice.” (Name may change) He wanted to partner and give his viewers a simple and easily accessible series. Sid brought me into his office and shared about some of the wonderful changes that were going on with his show and how they had started a network that is Internet-based but which they are about to launch in several platforms beyond the Internet (several satellites and cable access, etc.). He offered for Cherie and me to have free placement on his network (the type of placement he is offering would normally cost 10–30k per hour). We haven’t even developed the show yet, but he is looking for content from people like us.

The show taping with Sid went extremely well, and we will notify you when it is airing. I shared some supernatural stories that I haven’t shared with this wide of an audience before, which makes me excited and nervous. The mentoring session was over the top with the live audience, and I was able to prophesy over such a hungry group such detailed and beautiful things from the heart of the Father. Their hunger pulled out the best of the best from God’s love.


Since Cherie and I have decided to travel only 12 times next year so we can develop our media and written projects, TV has been on the forefront of our minds. We have been in predevelopment of an interview-based show where we take the best stories from some of the best people of life breakthroughs, God moments, and maturing stories and pull them out through the power of interview so you can hear from entertainers, business people, psychologists, and amazing ministries. We have been transitioning everything so we can head into that project. Since we have realigned our ministry this way, I have met with the heads of six Christian networks in the past six months who have all expressed interest in helping to give us discounted or free airtime. We have a lot of praying to do about how to develop next year! We need your help in praying for wisdom—this is such a fun adventure!

Bottom line: I am going to be working on the Dreams and Mysteries show, and we are going to be praying about everything else. We are putting together a budget and a project plan for our show and projects.


Translating God for Kids is almost ready for market! We are going to do a crowdsourced fundraiser through Book Rally (www.bookrally.com), and this is both to raise some finances and also to get people sharing about the project. One thing we are realizing as we are working hard on the teacher’s guide, workbook, videos, and art is that there is NOTHING like this on the market. I am imagining thousands of kids getting a foundation in hearing God’s voice for themselves and making an incredible imprint on this stage of their life that will last all the way through growing up. I remember some of the materials that impacted me when I was 8 to 12 years old, and they set a foundation of hunger in me for what I am doing today. We are praying for hundreds of thousands of kids to be discipled through this tool!

Part of the reason why no one has made this kind of tool before is because it’s expensive. Just setting up the live event and hiring a production crew to make DVDs is one cost; then there are all the illustrations. (We have four full-color illustrations per chapter.) There is the kit design for the Sunday School/Home School kit. There is the workbook and teacher’s guide project. Then there is the printing of it all, and this is the astronomical expense! It is A LOT of work and has kept our team busy. It will be so WORTH IT, though, because it will build a foundation in a generation of Christian children on how to make powerful decisions on what they are hearing God say to them and how to walk out their relationship with Jesus with love, revelation, and character!


Many of you have heard that 4,000 teens have gotten saved in the last eight weeks in the revival in West Virginia. I got word from three of the leaders and one mom that my time at Azusa Call, where I shared prophetic words with people in the stadium, marked them. Over 80 key people and leaders of the West Virginia revival are going through our Translating God workbook together, and they have been taking RADICAL prophetic risks! From their reports, it has brought the revival activity to a whole new level. We are so excited because this is EXACTLY why we wrote the book and workbook and released the kit! We want to get these materials into the hands of everyone who wants to bring revival because God has shown us that the prophetic will be one of the biggest tools in the coming global awakening.

Thanks for reading our big report this month! We love doing ministry life with you!

Shawn and Cherie

and the Bolz Ministry team