June Newsletter

I had the most amazing room service at my hotel because this animated woman who ran the show kept giving me the most positive attitude and fun nature. After three nights, I just was hit with God’s heart for her, and when she came to the door the third time, I had to tell her what God was showing me.

“I am a minister, and I have a message from God for you. Can I share it?”

“I knew you were a minister!” she said. “You are so nice, and you give out that vibe,” she said, almost laughing.

“You left college because of becoming pregnant and haven’t been able to get back to your career aspirations because of kids, but God has something in communications for you that will blow you away.”

“Say what? How do you know about this? Is God really talking to you?” Her smile dropped, and she had tears in her eyes.

“You have given your kids your best, and God didn’t forget about your dreams just because you laid them aside for family. He still has them for you, and you doing what you are made for is going to give Lisa and Montell a vision for their future now that they are 9 and 11.”

She collapsed against the door. “God is so real! This is…this is amazing,” she said. I asked her to come in for a minute; we prayed together for her life, and she gave Jesus her heart. I told her about three churches in Charlotte, and she promised to email me or text me when she was going to one so I could tell them. Her whole life was changed forever.


I was in Charlotte for a taping of the Sid Roth show. I love the prophetic. One of our spiritual mothers, Sue Ahn from HIM/Hrock, gave me a word that I would be on Sid Roth soon and said everything will be upgraded because of the show—that people in his audience for the show would find a deep connection to our message about hearing God’s voice. I could feel the weight of that prophecy during our taping, and it felt amazing to be there knowing there was so much purpose. It was so good that after the taping, we did a mentoring session with the studio audience; the power of the prophetic landed with accuracy and love that made the whole studio come alive with awe of God’s love nature. I am expecting great reports and connections from the taping!


Many of you know that Cherie and I will be creating an interview-based show in the coming years (sometime in 2017–2018), and we have rearranged our whole life next year for it. What I didn’t expect a few weeks ago was to be invited to be one of the hosts of the late great John Paul Jackson’s show: Dreams and Mysteries. I just got done taping two episodes that will air on Daystar in the fall, and I go back to tape several more in August that will also come out in the fall. I love the streams team and specifically Steve and Ginny Maddox, the producers of the show. Wow, it had so much life on it! (And I was able to bring my Uber driver to the Lord on the way. If you are a partner, you will read that AWESOME story in our update.) So we will host two shows next year: The Shawn & Cherie Project and Dreams and Mysteries.


We have been getting reports from all over the world about how people are taking incredible risks in the prophetic, especially with words of knowledge. I love that this isn’t just a me thing but that thousands and thousands are getting names, birth dates, social security numbers, school alma maters, and more.

One of my favorite reports is that the West Virginia revival leaders have been reading through the book together, and about 80 have been going through the workbook. One of the teens who had gotten saved was so impacted by the book that she prophesied over a girl in Applebee’s who got saved because of the detail of the prophetic word, and it started a prophetic pursuit in all the kids where they are doing power evangelism! I love that the prophetic is being used for its real purpose—as a harvesting tool!

Many other prophetic ministries are reporting that they have been getting an “upgrade” in their faith and gifting in the last eight weeks, and most are not because of direct prayer from us but just our example! I am so humbled by that but also very aware that what God is doing through our ministry is not supposed to be rare!


I want to pray for you through this email. I feel like this year is our year to start to develop our imagination network so that God has a framework in our faith realm to work from. He wants to take us past what we can hope for or imagine, so we better be imagining great things for our families, our callings, our occupations, our cities, our schools, our government, and our churches! I pray that God will give you an upgrade to imagine limitless possibilities! As I am headed to a conference this morning in New Jersey, which is called Unlimited, I pray that you will live a life with unlimited access to the heart of God through his spirit, who is the spirit that brings revelation! I believe God is going to touch some of you reading this with great faith that it is YOUR TURN! You are desiring more because you get to have MORE! So we impart more in Jesus’ name!

Thanks for being a part of our friendship, and we love you!

Shawn Bolz

and the Bolz Ministry Family