Bolz Ministries July Update Newsletter

3 Steps in Accessing Divine Intelligence

I love a particular Hebrew word found in Daniel 1:17: “To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds” (NIV).

The word for “knowledge” here is madda, which can be interpreted as either divine intelligence or divine consciousness. In other words, these four young men were able to think God’s way. They had God’s mind, his divine intelligence, as their brains’ processor and circuit board inside their neurological minds. God’s Spirit accelerated their natural minds with his thoughts, so they were gifted in many areas—whether politically, socially, artistically, and especially spiritually—with a depth of wisdom even the pagan king wanted to draw upon when he found out about it.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2:16 that “we have the mind of Christ [to be guided by His thoughts and purposes]” (AMP). This means that on top of our own thought process, the Holy Spirit is giving us access to our God’s internal process and thoughts. Do you have that one friend in your life who is your go-to person for processing life decisions or hardship, because that person gives you the wisest counsel for you? Do you have someone who tracks with your life journey and knows exactly how to speak into that very journey? This is who you are called to be to the people God gives you access to throughout your life—one who can advise others with the mind of Christ.

So how do we develop this interior wisdom and connection to God that produces divine intelligence?

1) Get Listening Prayer Bullet Points for Real Issues: Do you pray to God conversationally—you give him time to download his spiritual ideas and thoughts to you—or do you machine-gun words at him and then get on with your day? The secret to getting God to answer you is in giving him time to speak to you, and even if you make the time, there is no way to hear if you don’t ask questions that are answerable and measurable. When you grow in hearing him answer the little questions, you will be confident enough to ask the big ones with faith. Start out with questions about some of the main areas you need wisdom, insight, or revelation for in your life. Ask God specific questions and do some listening prayer. Keep a journal on hand, but also know that when God’s Spirit relates his wisdom to you, it might only come bubbling up when it is needed most, but you did the work to be able to hear him by making space to listen and creating faith for hearing his answers.

2) Expect God to Speak to You and Become Your Own Counselor/Advisor: Look at the issues you need God’s intelligence for and counsel yourself. How would you tell others to position their heart and faith if they had the exact same needs as yours? Sometimes you can get a fresh perspective on your situation, and access wisdom that wasn’t there before, when you look at things with God’s heart of love. You can see with fresh eyes when you imagine yourself in a counseling or advice-giving position to your situation. Again, you are creating space for faith and a capacity for the belief that God wants to give you wisdom.

3) Look for His Signs: God loves to answer your deepest heart issues and concerns, and many times he shows you your answers through the world around you as you do life. As you open your heart to access his divine intelligence, he will sometimes bring it through a friend, something you read, an online stumble-upon moment, etc. Recognize these as answers from God. Cultivate the heart to look for him to come through creative channels, and he’ll get to your spirit about what is most important. Many Christians look past these providential moments and treat them as mere coincidences, but when you are looking for a God result and one comes through an unexpected messenger, make sure to celebrate that! Then this way of perceiving God giving you answers in many possible ways will grow!

I pray that your journey is filled with a new level of wisdom and revelation so that you can really know and access your divine intelligence in Christ. You can have his mind and thought process direct your own!

Shawn Bolz

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Wow! What a month! We want to celebrate with you all what we’ve accomplished together! We had a packed-out “God Secrets” event and book launch! We translated our books into Spanish and released them at the largest Spanish church in America during a pastors conference, with 3,000-plus pastors there. We released the God Secrets standalone workbook! It was a month full of highlights and wins, and we want to thank you for praying, sowing, and celebrating with us.

We still have a big huge year ahead of us. We have to add several new team members to handle the growth we have been experiencing, as well as be very strategic in our choice of activities. Pray that we find just the right people to be part of the Bolz Ministries family! We will introduce them to you as we hire them.



The God Secrets book and workbook launched this month! We have it in digital, audio, and printed format for your convenience. It is doing well already and became a bestseller even before it was released! Please consider telling your friends, church family, and Christian network about it. The workbook is an amazing tool to go help through God Secrets in a group setting, and in September we will even have an online eCourse to accompany it.

We have a Growing Up with God interactive eBook on iBooks: It has over 80 animations and reads along with the story. Come join Lucas, Maria, and all their friends on their fun, relatable journey into growing up with God!



Shawn is going to be on the 700 Club on July 23. Don’t miss it! If you missed his time with Studio 5 on CBN, check it out here:



Shawn is filming with Marylin Hickey this month. We will send you the air dates once we know them!

Shawn is also filming with Sid Roth again. We will keep you informed of the air date.