July Partner Newsletter

Partners Update:

Since we launched Bolz Ministries we are in hyper speed. We had no idea that when God brings synergy and alignment that it goes like this! One of the things I have been more and more aware of is when I was in a season of waiting on some of the greater promises, I didn’t realize how precious the preparation time was.

I want to encourage those of you who are waiting for promises or even the greater purposes in life that God has given you to really dig into self-value and preparation. I was laughing as I had to use a teleprompter the other day and I have only taken one teleprompter class. I could have kicked myself because I knew I needed to take this class again but I didn’t prioritize it and now that I am doing more and more media I am a little behind in skills that would allow me to enjoy this time just a bit more instead of getting frustrated with my lack of skill in that area.

It might be the same for you. Has God called you to something that isn’t on the grid right now? Are you developing the skills, talents, and even availability as if it’s a done deal? I love how Abraham had the faith to just walk with God in total confidence on what God said would happen. This changed his expectation for life and caused him to make different plans then if it was just him and his family. He was birthing a nation!

Peter says, set your minds ready for action 1 Peter 1:13 13. Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.

I think we need to be alert to the fact that our lives are not normal and God is calling us to believe for things that we need to be ready for!

Shawn Bolz


We had such an incredible time this month! We were filming more shows, speaking at many events, and even got to visit the white house and go on a tour of the west wing with some Department of Defense officials. Shawn was able to share his prophetic perspective to some government people in Washington DC both in his meeting there and also with some new friends from DC at the conference he did with HIM. The impact we are able to have both in the prophetic ministry, the life coaching of business leaders, our teaching and TV ministry, have all been so amazing.

Sid Roth: We taped an episode for Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural and we want to encourage you to watch it! It has had an INCREDIBLE response and their team is thrilled by the impact. We are too!

GROWING UP WITH GOD CROWD FUNDING: We are almost finished with a crowd funding project through a website called www.bookrally.com and it has been HUGELY successful! At this time we only have 9% left to raise of our $25000 goal and we have days left. Of course, $25,000 will only pay a small portion of the project (possibly only the printing) but it created a synergy of a crowd together pushing a project forward with amazing results! People are talking about Lucas, Maria, and the whole Growing Up with God crew! This is causing us to want to really put HUGE effort into a curriculum for Sunday Schools and Home Schools (also home study) and we are working on that now! We will have a Teachers Guide, a Coloring Book, a Workbook, a poster, all in an amazing kit! Pray with us for the grace for this project because one of the reasons why most charismatic/Pentecostal people are not leaders in children’s curriculum and excellent projects is the costs involved. We had no idea that just the cost of printing all of this would be $80,000 or more dollars. Then there is the costs involved making it! But we believe it will be a mass Christian market project just like Translating God and will be so essential for kids to have discipleship in hearing God’s voice.


Of course, we are working on our book launch for Growing Up With God as well as the kids curriculum! We can’t wait!

We are also working on several new resources and just released one of them called the Words of Knowledge workshop. Later this month we have another coming out on the Favor of God!

Our newest employee who many of you have met is Shelby K! You will love interacting with her! She is doing event planning, admin, and ministry relations.

Our team is busy working on our emerging Leaders gathering which is 70-80 senior leaders from around the world who come together for peer to peer networking. This will be the 6th year of our invitational event. We are also planning another Growing UP With God kids event for Glendale California in January!


Ministries Today issue has an article by Shawn Bolz! Subscribe or buy the issue for September/October issue!

The Fly Society Podcast: Shawn was interviewed on Prophecy for this amazing podcast that is geared to millennials

Trailer for Shawn Hosting Dreams and Mysteries show on Daystar: The trailer is out! Check out Dreams and Mysteries website to find out more about Shawn’s exciting show!

The Merge Summit: A summit where faith and entertainment intersect. Shawn is doing a prophetic session with actress Edwina Findley (Get Hard, Tyler Perry, etc). Last year Paula White did this session and the entertainment industry was so hungry they are continuing it this year with Shawn as a guest. For more info go here:

ICLV: International Church of Las Vegas annual Holy Spirit Conference! This year with Mario Morillo, Shawn Bolz, and Banning Leibchner. Stream it here: