Accessing God’s wisdom and design for our lives, businesses, and ministries will definitely manifest through a very different process than we expect. Most of the time this is awesome, because God does beyond what we can hope for or accomplish in our own ability. Sometimes his wisdom comes through surrender—we end up involved in areas we wouldn’t have chosen, but we’re there because we are serving him. As we say yes to his will over our own, we grow in joy, as well as in other virtues.

Cherie and I have been in a time of extreme growth, and it has taken all of our adaptive energy and capacity to walk through such a blessed but intense season. Cherie joked one day, “I am a little traumatized by the blessings of God,” meaning we have to learn how to steward a lot very suddenly. God has started up so many new relationships, ministry efforts, projects, and family changes; and learning how to navigate those together, in a way that has peace and balance in it, is a juggling act. God is so good though, because he always puts us in a position where even his blessing requires relatable connection to his heart so he can give us tangible traction and plans to maintain it all.

The one thing we have purposed in our hearts is to tackle life with the goal of resting in his nature and letting that create a lifestyle of rest, peace, and patient perseverance. Many driven people do not understand what this can look like, but God himself modeled it on the seventh day of creation when he dwelt in the glory of his creation. Many of us never slow down to experience life or to celebrate the moments—to be present with the goodness of God. The world spends time reacting to what needs to be fixed, problem-solving, doing crisis management, and checking off lists. As Christians, we get to revolve our lives around what God is doing and connect to that as a lifestyle. This requires a skill set that only comes when we actually develop it, and Cherie and I want to master this way of life. We pray that you do too. May God call you to his lifestyle of rest.

Shawn and Cherie Bolz

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Wow! What a month! We want to celebrate with you all that we’ve accomplished together! We had a packed-out “God Secrets” event and book launch! We translated our books into Spanish and released them at the largest Spanish church in America during a pastors conference, with 3,000-plus pastors there. We released the God Secrets standalone workbook! It was a month full of highlights and wins, and we want to thank you for praying, sowing, and celebrating with us.

We still have a big huge year ahead of us. We have to add several new team members to handle the growth we have been experiencing, as well as be very strategic in our choice of activities. Pray that we find just the right people to be part of the Bolz Ministries family! We will introduce them to you as we hire them.



The God Secrets book and workbook launched this month! We have it in digital, audio, and printed format for your convenience. It is doing well already and became a bestseller even before it was released! Please consider telling your friends, church family, and Christian network about it. The workbook is an amazing tool to go help through God Secrets in a group setting, and in September we will even have an online eCourse to accompany it.

We have a Growing Up with God interactive eBook on iBooks: It has over 80 animations and reads along with the story. Come join Lucas, Maria, and all their friends on their fun, relatable journey into growing up with God!



Shawn is going to be on the 700 Club on July 23. Don’t miss it! If you missed his time with Studio 5 on CBN, check it out here:



Shawn is filming with Marylin Hickey this month. We will send you the dates.

Shawn is also filming with Sid Roth again. We will keep you informed of the air date.