Holiday Newsletter

Transformational Prophetic Thinking
One of the things that makes your faith so powerful is that you get to connect to the thoughts of our eternal Father in heaven and know what he wants. You can get in touch with his original plans and ideas. We have this amazing eternal God who began to imagine and creatively think about all of heaven and earth for millions of years (or for eternity) before it was ever manifest. He has an original intention and design.
One of the most famous prophetic scriptures is in Jeremiah:
Jeremiah 29:11 ESV /    
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.
God has planned and even willed for us to have this amazing existence and sent Jesus to restore us in His justice to the full plan again.
We can’t transform something unless we see what it is supposed to be. Jesus saw what the world and all of us were supposed to look like, not just what we could be. He died and resurrected for the vision of restoration for humanity and the original vision He had for us.
As Christians when you start to really grow in the depth of His word and relationship to Him you can feel the gap between what is and what He desires. This creates a place of intercession, revelational thinking, and a hope that mature believers carry. We can feel not only what God wants, but we start to feel a countdown or an inward groaning of prayer for it to manifest.
When you live this way, seeing the world around you the way God desires it to be, you begin to change the vision and culture of how people believe whether they are Christians or not. You provide a different image of what is possible through companies, arts, politics, and church. You start to give a glimpse into God’s imagination and plans and the way you relate to people provides a different perspective; A revelatory perspective on identity that can upgrade or even change the outcome of people groups and lives around you.
Revival culture is transformative but you must see into the Father’s heart first. You must carry the culture of His ideas and nature before you see transformation that is both inward and outward. We don’t change based on principle alone, we change based on our connection to God and the world around us.
I want to challenge you to look at your life, the things you are working on, and the city and country you live in through the lens of the Father’s perspective. Try and tap into the affection of the Creator who imagined what He wanted for an eternity before He said “let their be light.” He loved it all so much that He sent his Son to restore us to that original plan and now we have the Holy Spirit guiding us back into what Jesus paid a price for. Take time to invest into a life that looks for the connection between God’s design and where you and others are at now, not defining the gap but defining the bridge. This is where revival is birthed and this is how you become an agent of transformation that the world is groaning for. 
Shawn Bolz