Hearing God in the Marketplace

Ep 159: Hearing God in the Marketplace

Let’s talk about hearing God in your workplace!  We have a new podcast on this very subject: Exploring the Marketplace on The Exploring Series with Shawn Bolz. Can you hear God in the marketplace and what happens when you do? Sometimes you aren’t allowed to share religion in your line of work; so when we talk about hearing God’s voice in the marketplace, the first aspect can’t always be to get people saved.  The reason God speaks to you first isn’t always about other people, it’s usually about you. It’s about you and Him, connecting your heart to His heart. 

When you are a business person, you are called to service and help people. You are calling in hearing God to learn how to love people and learn how to connect your heart to His. People will see by your example. Living a righteous life opens doors for you to share your belief. When God speaks to you, He’s speaking to you for the sake of positioning you for His divine role.  John 10:10.  

The first thing He does isn’t to give you words of evangelism, the first thing He does is to secure you to reinforce His Word in your life through speaking to you. If you are going after God in the marketplace, ask Him some big questions:

  1. Who are the people I am called to serve?
  2. What creations or creativity do you want me to bring?

The role you are in right now will give you your greatest platform to not only hear from God, but to have the impact you are supposed to have in this lifetime to ultimately bring the resources, ingenuity and lives to Jesus that He deserves.