Are you a dreamer? God loves to speak to us during the night through our dreams. Dreams are a tool that the Lord uses to get to speak to us. If we understand that the Lord wants to speak to us, it opens up another level in connection with Him. We can all learn to interpret dreams and God loves to teach us during our waking time what He’s speaking during the night season.

Join Shawn Bolz and Dream Interpreting Experts: Barry Hickenbottom and Steve Maddox on Friday, 4/30/21. Dream Interpretation Workshop begins at 4pm PST with a LIVE Dream Interpretation session beginning at 6pm PST! Steve Maddox has served in preaching, teaching and church leadership for decades. He was closely involved with John Paul Jackson in Prophetic Ministry and developing interpretation as a new form of evangelism both domestically and internationally. Barry Hickenbottom began learning dream Interpretation from Streams Ministries and John Paul Jackson in the 90’s and has supported Bolz Ministries and Dream Interpretation for the last 5 years!

Dreams are an image of God speaking to us in the night and we look forward to helping you understand your dreams!