December Partner Update

Merry Christmas from Bolz Ministries!


Cherie and I can’t believe all that has happened this year, and our fruit is really your fruit. This year we co-hosted an event on words of knowledge in Vacaville with 1500+ attendees, which subsequently inspired our book and e-course on words of knowledge, and that’s coming out next year.

We traveled to about twenty-seven locations through twelve countries, helping people to connect their heart’s desire with Jesus’s. Some of our favorite places were Dubai, Singapore, and Indonesia.  Domestically, Shawn went to Bethel six times and spoke to their kids, youth, leaders, school, arts community, and at their main conference. We love our tribe at Bethel! (Look for Shawn’s partnership with Bethel for the launch of the Translating God eCourse, coming early 2017). Another of our highlights was Azusa Now, where Shawn was able to prophesy in front of a live crowd of 75,000 people. We believe that the spirit of prophecy will multiply in our generation!

Shawn was interviewed about twelve times for TV shows. His favorite was the Sid Roth Show. He also was interviewed for several dozen podcasts and radio shows from around the world, and for two upcoming documentaries. Shawn became a host of Dreams and Mysteries season 4 on Daystar Network, and he is going to continue on for season 5.

We ministered prophetically to hundreds of people individually. We love that around twelve people got saved just as we were running through airports, riding in Ubers, picking up coffee, and ordering room service in hotels. God is good! We spoke at several business events and saw marketplace people deeply impacted by the truth of their relationship with God and how that related to their occupations, families, and friendships.

Shawn spoke at multiple Bible schools and ministry training programs all over the world.

We continued pouring into our local church community that we founded, Expression58.

We’ve been writing articles and books, books, and more books: We launched a Growing Up with God chapter book, workbook, Sunday school and home study curriculum, and coloring book! We also produced a free eBook called Prophetic 2.0 featuring a compilation of insights from some of our favorite people who speak into the prophetic culture of today (like Graham Cooke, Lance Wallnau, Bill Hamon, and more). Shawn also wrote a chapter of Danny Silk’s new parenting book as well as several articles, like the one he did for Ministry Today Magazine.

We connected to God’s purpose here in the entertainment industry, partly by helping to lead the National Day of Prayer for Hollywood and screening faith-based movies—so we could help with our feedback. Our favorite was Hacksaw Ridge, which was produced by Mel Gibson, and we were blessed to have lunch with him and his partner, Randel Wallace. We met with dozens of entertainment industry individuals for prayer support, discipleship times, and pastoral guidance.

We partnered to ministries that have missionaries in war zones, and who minister in red light districts around the world, through financial assistance and ministry to their staff and teams of missionaries.

We miraculously bought a home which has a combined studio/office space for Bolz Ministries. We have been renovating it so that we can create the media pieces God is calling us to and house all things related to Bolz Ministries under one roof.

We grew our staff to four full-time and three part-time people who are working on events, operations, resources, accounting, partner relations, etc.

We created a thriving partnership program that you are a part of! Our goal was to release monthly communications and videos, messages from on the road, and a special landing place for our partners online; and we sure hope you like it. We have even bigger plans for next year.

We are so grateful to you!

Shawn & Cherie Bolz


Bolz Ministries is experiencing so much growth in every area we are going after. We set some strong goals this year, and we not only accomplished them; God overtook our efforts and made so much more happen! We are planning on 2017 being an even bigger year of providing families with great resources, spreading teaching on the prophetic, impacting entertainment industry people, teaching and equipping people, and creating media items. Will you be a part of it all? Your one-time gift or ongoing partnership makes all the difference in the world. GIVE HERE!


Growing Up with God Kids Event – check out our amazing event for children ages 7-12 coming January 2017! We will be teaching them to hear the voice of God and strengthen their connection with Him!

Daystar TV : Dreams and Mysteries – I am hosting every Tuesday and Saturday. Watch Here.

New Translating God now on AUDIO! Get your copy HERE!

Growing Up with God kids’ book and curriculum is out NOW! Grab your copies on our online  STORE!

Check out Shawn’s Itinerary for December and January