Bolz Ministries March Partner Update


Wow, what a month! Dubai update, revival update about Azusa Now, Project updates, Office Update.

We went to Dubai and several local conference since we last wrote you and what God did was unbelievable! It is always hard to write these partner emails because so much of what God does through us is so personal and it is someone else’s story to tell. Nevertheless, we met with a few billionaires this month for friendship and prophetic encouragement. We also did a meeting in Dubai with a bunch of mixed faith multi millionaires to pray with prophetic intention over them. We spoke at the GateKeepers Church in Dubai, and so much happened in just these meetings that I could fill pages. What everyone had in common was that they all want to draw even nearer to God and hear his voice more clearly. Even those who weren’t saved were hungry to hear from God as we prayed and loved on so many people. Cherie and I were both blown away from God’s beautiful love.

One session at the conference I will share with you. Cherie called out women in Dubai and especially mothers, to be empowered in the season they were in. Then I started to hear God tell me some of their children’s names and began to prophecy over their kids. One of the kids was only 4-5 years old named Zach! I fell in love with him as God began to give his parents clues on how to raise him for the leadership he is called to. It was amazing to feel the Fathers heart from heaven encouraging his parents by name, him by name, and all kinds of information we wouldn’t have known. We will show the video in the future to you.

What I am shown is that even in the middle east there is a tangible nearness of heaven. God is tangibly moving on what he has been setting up for thousands of years behind the scenes. This is a time of inheriting what other generations had faith to pray for. We are going to have the tools to harvest what was interceded for.

We are going to be a part of an event called Azusa now ( ) This is an event where believers from all over the world (over 100,000) are coming to converge on Los Angeles to pray, fast, and contend for revival to be poured out again on the earth. In 1913, both William Seymour and Maria Woodworth-Etter separately proclaimed that in 100 years, the Holy Spirit would be poured out again, even stronger this time. History attests this pattern. Martin Luther’s Reformation was prophesied 100 years prior by the martyr Jan Huss. God loves to “proclaim that which is not as though it were” (Rom. 4:7). The Call team has said “We are contending in faith for the 100-Year Promise.”
Pastor Bill Johnson, from Redding California, is bringing his whole school and much of his church to this event and is leading a section that I will be a part of from 4PM on. It is a section where we are going to release signs and wonders over the 100,000+ people gathered. They have asked me to stand as a modern day prophet to release words of knowledge and prophecy and a hunger for the prophetic over the entire stadium. I will hopefully get words for some people in the crowd and somehow we will administrate an amazing prophetic time in such a vast ocean of people. Pray for us, because this crowd will be everything from conservative Christians to the most Pentecostal Christians and we have an opportunity to express love based prophetic ministry.

Translating God for Kids: We hired an illustrator who in award winning animator named Lamont Hunt. As a Partner, visit his sight to see his style so you can see what is about to be drawn for our novel for 8-12 year olds about hearing God’s voice. and by the way, the novel, which is the story for the workbook and kids kit, is finished! It is in editing now! You are going to love our characters and story! It brings the message of friendship with God to life.
Kids Event: Our kids event is going to be recording the DVD series for our Translating God for Kids curriculum, it is SOLD OUT! We only had 160 spots and it sold out in a few weeks! We are going to be filming the 10 DVD set for Sunday schools, small groups, and families, as well as children’s testimonies, the commercial, the kickstarter crowdfunding video (which will actually launch on in the summer to raise money for the entire project), and more! We will have a stage designed with characters from the book. We will also have prophetic activities that we will capture for those who want to take their group through this exciting study!

We relaunched our book with a special additional chapter, a forward by Bill Johnson, and a free teaching companion ebook that you get as a free download. When I released this project 10 years ago, I had over one hundred thousand emails in response to it. It reshaped many peoples view on the access they have to being resourced for their destiny. We knew to release it again, but we just didn’t know when. Late last year we received an order from Pastor Bill & Beni Johnson who wanted to give it to all their partners and ministry team. We knew we were supposed to refresh it and send it in a new way. Now we are ramping up the marketing for it so that it can go wide spread in this next phase. I know if you haven’t read it you will love it and we put quite a bit more work into it.

We are still sharing office space donated by Heidi Baker with Iris Ministries right in Glendale, California. Our church that we pioneered is also growing. We have to move our resource distribution into a different office space. We had to hire another employee to keep up with our wonderful fruit. So we need a bigger space and are going to begin praying and looking for something here in the LA area that will work for our growing ministry and team. Now there are 4 of us working out of a single space at Iris. Cherie and I are sometimes out of our home, because of quick growth so we are actively trying to solve the problem of space. We are going to try and get a space where we can do some of our media, resource shipping and receiving area, admin offices, and have offices for Cherie and I. This will be a financial stretch and faith stretch because office space is quite pricey in Los Angeles. We know God is saying to stretch out our tent pegs and grow and we so appreciate all your gracious financial support as well as your faith filled prayers!

Jeremy, who we introduced in our last update, has come on full time to run our organization with us. He has also helped us hire a new employee to do shipping and receiving, online store, and some of our administration. We are so excited for the momentum this builds!

We want to pray for you that you that everything you do multiplies. We pray that God would give you an Ephesians 3:20 vision, which is one of our scriptures for life. That whatever you can hope for or imagine just isn’t enough. We pray that you hear God’s dream over you so that you can have a faith that would triumph in a world like ours!

Love you all, your partnership means so much personally to us as well as to the kingdom vision that we are building.

Shawn & Cherie Bolz on behalf of the Bolz family and ministry