August 2016 Newsletter


Processing Your Prophetic Words

by Shawn Bolz

Prophecy is one of the best tools we have from God but one of the most difficult things to steer. You have to factor in the credibility factor of those who prophesied along with your experience of tracking your other words. Interpretations, timing, figuring out applications, and actually allowing words to build perspective are all part of the navigational process it seems not many leaders talk about.

I believe God wants us to learn how to process words. Here are three easy steps that you can take to create a good processing system:

1) Weigh the word’s credibility in your heart. On what level do you personally believe it? Does it feel like it is an absolute promise or just a potential one? Does it feel like a now word or just a possibility? If not a sure thing, allow God to speak to you some more about it. Give God time to speak to you in a way that ties your faith to the word in a more connected way. This is not a process that should lead you to unbelief, but it is one that should help you manage your faith.

2) Catalog your words that are most real to you on your smart device. Write down a list of the main parts of your words you are believing for as bullet points. Look over your list monthly, and pray and see if there are any new installments of revelation about them, or if God’s given you more notable clarity or perspective. Figure out if the words tie together by playing words together or in a row. Try and create a framework or map that covers different things you are believing for, and note quick prayer points for how to build faith and agreement with God for them.

3) Track your prophetic words with friends. Share specific prophecies or things God has shown you about your future life, ministry, family, etc. When something happens you will rejoice together, and its coming to pass will remind you about future words that you may not yet understand or have enough patience for. There is so much wisdom and connection that comes out of tracking words with peers around you.

Let prophecy be a powerful tool for your future!




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Shawn Bolz