April Update



April was an incredible month where the nations sent some of their best and converged upon Los Angeles for Azusa Now, a full day event of prayer that God would release revival again. Responding to a 110 year old prophecy that God was going to bring revival to America and then all over the Earth, Cherie and I gathered with 75% of our rolodex to celebrate who Jesus is and what he wants to do. It was a beautiful day with highlights of the catholic and Christian leadership of Los Angeles blessing each other and developing unity, signs and wonders breaking out, some of the best worship I have ever heard, and lot of amazing people sharing from their place of spiritual depth.

God is always bringing a greater invitation to us to run further and faster, but there are season where he multiplies our efforts. I believe God is choosing like 1 Corinthians 1:26-28 says…those of us who don’t deserve to be in a position based on our competence, gifting, skill, or relational base. He is constantly putting people into positions that are greater then they are so that they have to access his love and anointing to accomplish something that would normally be impossible so that the world who looks on knows that this is a truly spiritual effort. In some ways if you feel under qualified for what God is calling you to this is your best qualifier! God wants to show up big and perform his marvelous loving acts through those who he can most clearly be seen through…those who are weak. This doesn’t mean we aren’t amazing people, it just means we aren’t quite amazing enough to accomplish the huge vast dreaming faith adventures we feel called too without his divine intervention!


Part of why I love hearing the voice of God and then translating him to the world around me, is that revelation is an accelerator! It causes us to run faster and have different choices then we would have originally had without hearing prophetic clues. You get addicted to supernatural interactions because a relationship with the Holy Spirit provides so much more potential then just normal life even if it is a good life.


The Bible is the ultimate life line when you read it in context to your deep connection to God. If you are getting bored in the word, list out everything God is promising you, everything you know he has already done and then read the Bible and relate to its characters. Take it personally. Read Proverbs as a manual or read Song of Songs as a personal love letter from God. God is always speaking and his word can always be refreshed with new perspective. Thy word is a light unto my feet and lamp unto my path. I am bringing up this amazing focus on reading our Bible’s because as we read about who God used in past generations it makes us feel qualified and even called (set apart) for what HE is about to do in the now! God is giving us the WORD and the spirit to bring us into fullness and we don’t want either one of these to be weak right now or its like operating on less cylinders in a motor. Lets get everything cranking!


May is going to be a crazy month of events that we are participating in and hosting. We will be all over California and in Dallas! There will be a lot of streaming opportunities and Azusa Now gave me a boost of faith and expectation for what God wants to do in live meetings, over streaming internet, over periscope or facebook live, and any place we can be creative enough to look for him! Lets urge each other on in the faith and I will try and ask God for things that I have never seen will you do the same? Pray with us this month for radical encounters for us and the people we minister to! Pray for resources to do all that we are called to! Pray that we stay in great health and family balance! Follow us on facebook, instagram, twitter, and even linkedin @shawnbolz . We love doing the journey with you!

Shawn Bolz (on Behalf of Bolz Ministries)


PS: We have just relaunched our www.bolzministries.wpengine.com website if you get a chance can you visit it and tell us what else you think would be great there? We have many plans, but tell us what you like and what is still missing!