April Partner Update

Confidential: Cherie and I received a word about a month ago from a billionaire friend who said God was going to multiply our impact and influence very soon. He also gave us the scripture that I probably quote the most in this season: Ephesians 3:20 (God will do beyond what you can hope for or imagine).

Since that meeting with him, we have had an explosion of favor. We already had more invites than we know what to do with, but we have received 10x more than normal. We are being invited to be guests on TV shows, to be featured in documentaries, and to write chapters in compilation books. I have personally been invited to consult on some high-level transformation efforts in different nations and also to speak into some high-level businesses. We are being brought in to speak to celebrities, entertainment organizations, and huge projects from a kingdom perspective.

In other words, the word came true.

In the midst of that, Cherie and I are really honing in on doing what God is calling us to do and being really practical with our organization. You can’t bypass process, and we have a lot of start up going on. Our organization is doing all its own shipping and receiving except for some of our published books. We are working on social media connections and marketing, and we just hired an accountant and are implementing her for everything. We are planning our kids event in LA as well as our new kids book and curriculum, which also will have a crowdfunding campaign as well as a full marketing push for its fall release. We are still speaking at 20 events this year (2016) and traveling to six more nations.

So this is a foundational year when we are experiencing another push of God activity as well as another level of demand. Then Azusa Call happened. If you haven’t heard about it, it was a 15-hour prayer day to ask God to bring revival to America like he has done in the past. They asked me to prayerfully consider doing a prophetic impartation time and releasing prophetic words. Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, California, led a section on releasing signs and wonders, I got up in front of 65,000 people plus millions online, and God showed up—then he showed off. His love was so tangible that it felt like for a few minutes we were not a stadium full of tens of thousands of people but a living room with a very real heart connect to each other.


IMG_1608 IMG_1601 IMG_1604


The impact was so beautiful that it created a hunger for our brand of love-based prophetic ministry, and life after Azusa is filled with a directed hunger towards Jesus in Bolz Ministries. It was the final step of fulfilling the word about multiplication.

It is beautiful, we don’t know what to do with it all yet, we are excited, and we are humbled by the attention. We do, however, know what we are building in our ministry, and we have some strong focus on the future. We are so glad that you are partnering with us because we are on the trip of a lifetime together!

Cherie and I pray for you for this multiplication and tipping point! When God is doing it for one of us, he can do it for all of us!

Prayer focuses:

Pray for covering: Because the Azusa Now event was so widely distributed and we were such a feature on there, please pray for protection, health, finances, and covering for our family. We had thousands and thousands of positive reports in the last few weeks towards us. We have also had several cult watch groups target us; none of them are mainstream, they are all minor, but with grumpy voices on social media, it’s been annoying.

Pray that God hides us from them and that they forget us. Pray also that as we work on writing both the children’s materials for translating God for kids as well as our next book, we have abundant grace and project management from heaven!

Pray for our resources to match our calling! We need an infusion of finances to help make the next stage restful. We have the practical things, like offices to rent, as well as some employees to hire and product to reproduce. This all takes finances, and we are so grateful for your partnership. Would you pray that God sends everyone who is supposed to partner with us in this season to join our Bolz Ministries family? We are praying for some really serious infusion donations as we build this amazing and unique ministry.

Until next month… We love you! Please enjoy our message from the road this month—it’s a good one—as well as our monthly update video! You can access all your partnership-only materials at www.bolzministries.wpengine.com/partner.


Shawn & Cherie Bolz