April 2018 Newsletter


I want to tell you about my own financial journey and how it relates to an encounter I had with heaven about the resources and provision available to every believer. I wrote about this in Keys to Heaven’s Economy, and we now have an eCourse about it too. This is one of the weekly blog posts that comes with the eCourse.


You are almost through the course, and I wanted to write a personal letter to share our process of engaging with this subject. When I had this encounter with the minister of finance of the kingdom of heaven, it began to rewire me. I had to come out of a “just enough” attitude and into an understanding of the provision God wanted me to walk in, and this took years to unfold. My parents both came from relative poverty, or just enough. My father joined the air force for the college education it offered, and he ended up with multiple master’s degrees and ranked all the way to colonel. The air force was good to our family because it helped us come out of some of the poverty mindset my parents had been raised in.

My parents helped me to dream the best they could. I did become a dreamer, but I never realized the resources in God’s heart that were attached to each dream. It took an encounter and then some financial mentoring to bring me to a place of activating my faith in these areas. Finances are so crucial, but most Christians have segregated them from their faith journeys because of all the imbalanced teaching and bad examples they have been exposed to.

In the beginning of my journey, it sometimes felt overly ambitious to believe for so much; but the reality was all of my dreams were attached to two things:

1) I wanted Jesus to get more of his inheritance and

2) I love people and want to see them empowered.

I remember when this revelation of moving in heaven’s economy hit me. I was challenged so much, but these challenges helped me to define what I would need to accomplish the calling and dreams that I felt were on my life. A third thing I attached faith to was that God the Father wanted to give my family his resources out of his great love for us. All three of these reflect the commandments Jesus gave us: Love God with all your mind, strength, and soul; and love your neighbor as yourself.

Now, over seventeen years later, I am walking in a measure of what I had dreamed and planned for. I have seen the impact of partnering in full faith for full resources for every calling God has. I am so glad I slowed down and let God rewire me. I am glad I took classes and seminars on finances, spent time with financial advisors, and hired an accountant so that I could value these processes. I didn’t want any area to default into a poverty or “just enough” mindset, so I went to war in these areas. I pray that if these are part of your story, that you will go to war also!

I also pray that you will take a huge step forward into connecting your faith to your economy—one you get to steward in your lifetime. Every dollar that comes in, every place of influence God gives you, and all the favor are for specific reasons, and they will multiply as you walk with him in faith. Your strategic partnership with him gives you access to all his resources. There are no limits when you enter into this process, but there is a long-term strategy that is unique to each of us. Part of this strategy is listening to the Holy Spirit and having your own relationship with him—one no one else can impart to you—but there are wonderful steps that practical skill building can help develop. Don’t bypass these!

I pray for you in your journey, whether you are in the beginning of the huge that God has for you or you are already deeply into it. I pray that revelation hits you, and not just today as you read this, but continually, as you pursue him this way.

Shawn Bolz