2019 Accomplishments


In the space of these last twelve months, we were able to:

1. Give Away Resources to the Body of Christ

Free resources we continued creating or established in 2019 include,

·        BRAND NEW: EXPLORING THE INDUSTRY SHOW ON CBN* – Coming out before the end of the year is our brand-new, 30-minute-episode interview show, where I interview Christians from different types of entertainment industries about how their faith has affected their lives and given them success in their career. We also will offer an extended version of the show as a video podcast on YouTube, and as an audio podcast everywhere podcasts are downloaded from. The show is premiering on CBN in December 2019, just like we hoped and dreamed it would (thank you, Jesus). This show will be in addition to our Exploring the Prophetic show.

*CBN is the channel that hosts the 700 Club and Studio 5, and it’s the number-one news and Christian media production company in the world.

·        BRAND NEW: TRANSLATING GOD SHOW ON TBN – We filmed and worked extremely hard to bring our #1 best-selling book to TBN’S worldwide audience as a show. It is a beautiful show full of creativity, with a deep, love-based approach to hearing God’s voice. I am really proud of their team for what they produced. This ten-episode series premieres early 2020.

·        BRAND NEW: YOUR PROPHETIC JOURNEY YOUTUBE SERIES – We released a web series in October that helps people to be inspired by stories of the prophetic. Told creatively and powerfully, but also playfully, these stories have already had more than 140,000 views in the short weeks we have had them up. The response has been wonderful, with over 36,000 subscribers already.

·        EXPLORING THE PROPHETIC PODCAST: We have created 40 new episodes of one of Christianity’s top conversational podcasts in the world! This is our weekly interview show, during which people from all walks of life share how their relationship with God and hearing his voice is changing their world and the world around them. You guys, we now have over 3.4 million downloads, and tens of thousands of subscribers are growing with us from all over the world. When you chart our podcast, it is in the top 100 charts of over 50 countries every week, and in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, it is often in the top five every week.

·        TEACHING AND MODELING VIDEOS – We produced live videos each week with transformative theology and teaching about growing and maturing in our spiritual lives. We equipped people in the prophetic and showed prophetic moments highlighting examples of our theology and prophetic teaching, and we had engagement of over 4 million people a month, just on social media!

·     WRITING AND ARTICLES—CHARISMA MAGAZINE, CBN, FAITH LINKS, AND ONLINE: I was a featured contributor on Charisma News Network, CBN News Network, and in many journals and publications; and we added our review strength to written articles and endorsements for movies, books, and creative projects that reached millions. My article on the salvation of Kanye West had hundreds of thousands of views on CBN and Charisma, and it was picked up by over twenty Christian news outlets.


·        EMERGING MINISTRY LEADERS RETREAT, LOVE COALITION – We hosted our tenth annual Emerging Senior Leaders gathering: We had sixty leaders come together to encourage and pray for each other in an intimate environment of friendship and worship for our two-day gathering. We were able to fully fund the two-day retreat, including all meals!

·        OUR 32-CITY TOUR: A NIGHT IN THE PROPHETIC – We traveled to over 32 cities in North America this year, bringing a four-hour seminar to so many regions because we wanted to help impart faith that God is speaking to us all and to grow Christians’ courage. We have been standing in the belief that the prophetic gifts are going to be one of the main tools God uses in our generation for a worldwide move of God; and we wanted to equip people practically by modeling and then activating people to hear from God for themselves. We had 30,000 hungry people attend our events this year.

·        BOLZ MINISTRIES ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: MODERN PROPHETIC SYMPOSIUM – In May, 2019, in Dallas, Texas, we hosted a one of-a-kind event to create a context for the gift, ministry, and role of prophets and prophecy across many spheres of society.

·        GUEST SPEAKER AT EVENTS – While we significantly reduced our travel for other events this year, we were able to speak at Bethel Church in Redding and Jesus Culture’s national event in Chicago, and we also spoke at our local church about once a month.


·        BREAKTHROUGH BOOK – We started out the year with a bang by publishing a best-selling prayer book called: Breakthrough: Prophecies, Prayers, and Declarations.

·        THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE BOOK – We published a story-based prophetic guide called Through the Eyes of Love with the number-one Christian publisher in the world, Harper Collins.

·        TRANSLATING GOD MENTORING PLATFORM – One of the top requests we have received is for mentoring. We took this request seriously to prayer, and with our team, we came up with a monthly subscription mentoring plan formed to help people process their prophetic journey. This is not a 101-level mentoring track; any maturity level can join. Created content includes live videos each week, along with lots of additional content and access to online coaches—who will help all of our subscribers grow in their ability to understand and apply prophetic revelation like dreams, visions, and encounters. We are so excited about this, because we could possibly train thousands through it and give them a place to really grow in their prophetic journeys.


·        COACHING/MENTORING LOVE – One-on-one appointments took us around the world—into the political arena in America and a few other nations, movie studios, movements, and churches, and to actors and justice leaders. We had over a hundred of these very special, relational appointments with people who needed prophetic insight, wisdom, and counsel.

·        GUEST APPEARANCES IN MEDIA – This year we were on TBN twice and featured on CBN shows and fourteen different podcasts. We also did many other Christian interviews of all types.

·        JUSTICE MINISTRIES – We are committed to seeing the kingdom advance in conflict zones—red-light districts, war zones, and dangerous mission fields. We are on the advisory boards of several organizations and consistently support efforts—both personally and with a portion of your donations to Bolz Ministries. 

As you can see, we have made the most of a twelve-month period and have greater plans for next year. We can’t wait to spend 2020 in partnership with you! You are changing the world with us and affecting and enriching millions of lives.